At Morley Consulting, our mission is to create value for businesses where software technology is involved, in engagements where we can be highly effective and achieve a mutually beneficial relationship founded on respect, trust and good will.

We possess a unique blend of deep technical proficiency and interpersonal skills and genuinely enjoy what we do.  At our core, we are software designers and developers, with extensive experience in projects of all shapes, sizes and complexities.  This has afforded us the knowledge and perspective with which we are able to work with business leaders and their staff to increase the productivity, quality and efficiency of their own software initiatives.

“Collectively, we found you to be highly responsive to our needs. Your problem-solving skills were imaginative and recommended solutions abundantly creative. As a regular practice you took a 360 degree view of issues, taking into account the various perspectives of the key stakeholders. Time and again, this proved invaluable.”

– Customer comment

We tailor our involvement to maximize effectiveness while respecting organizational goals and budget realities.

We are highly principled, but without rigidity or assumption that “we know better”, and always strive to honor and adapt to philosophies, culture and processes of others, while identifying and promoting improvements and maintaining core integrity.


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